Pheonixinte Sangeetham

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Experience the beauty and depth of ONV`s poetry with this insightful book, `PHEONIXSINTE SANGEETHAM`. Written by renowned author Dr. M. M. Basheer, this book is a must-have for all poetry lovers. Published by D. C. Press, Kottayam in March 1985, this book is a collection of studies on ONV`s poetry.

Measuring 21 cm in length, 13.6 cm in breadth, and 1 cm in width, this book is compact and easy-to-carry. With a weight of 178 g, it is perfect for reading on-the-go. The book contains 176 pages, all written in the beautiful language of Malayalam.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and literature of Kerala with this book. Explore the poetic genius of ONV and gain a deeper understanding of his works through the insightful analysis provided by Dr. M. M. Basheer. Add this book to your collection and enjoy the beauty of PHEENIKSINTE SANGEETHAM.

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