Njan Nadira Murad

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Experience the captivating story of Nadira Murad, a woman who defied all odds and emerged as a symbol of courage and resilience. Written by P. S. Rakesh, this biography takes you on a journey through the life of Nadira Murad, a true inspiration to all.

Published by Mathrubhumi Books in March 2019, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking motivation and empowerment. With a length of 20.1cm, breadth of 13.5cm, and width of 0.8cm, this compact book is easy to carry and read on the go. Weighing only 112g, it is lightweight and perfect for travel.

The book contains 96 pages, each filled with the inspiring story of Nadira Murad. Written in Malayalam, it is a great way to explore the language and culture of Kerala.

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