Lady Chatterleyude Kamukan

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Experience the timeless classic, Lady Chatterleyude Kamukan, written by renowned author D H Lawrence. This novel, published by D C Books in September 1994, is a must-read for literature enthusiasts.

The book is a masterpiece in the genre of novels, with its captivating storyline and well-developed characters. It has a total of 295 pages, written in the beautiful language of Malayalam.

The dimensions of the book are as follows: Length- 21.2cm, Breadth- 14.5cm, Width- 1.5cm, and Weight- 289g. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and read on the go.

Immerse yourself in the world of Lady Chatterley and her forbidden love, as you turn the pages of this gripping novel. Order your copy of Lady Chatterleyude Kamukan today and add it to your collection of literary treasures.

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