Anpathu Marakkadhakal

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Experience the magic of Malayalam literature with AMPATHU MARAKKADHAKAL, a collection of short stories written by acclaimed author G. S. Unnikrishnan Nair. Published by D C Books, Kottayam in December 2007, this book is a must-have for any literature lover.

The book measures 21 cm in length, 14 cm in breadth, and 0.7 cm in width, making it compact and easy to carry. With a weight of only 152 g, it is perfect for reading on the go. The 128 pages are filled with captivating stories that will transport you to a different world. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Malayalam language as you read through the pages of AMPATHU MARAKKADHAKAL.

This book is a true masterpiece that will leave you wanting more. Get your copy today and experience the power of words.

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